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Netflix review

Netflix is the official app to watch movies and shows from the most popular streaming service in the world. With an easy player and access to the entire Netflix library, Netflix app has all it takes to turn your phone or tablet into a portable cinema theater.

Design and Usability 10/10

The app looks very similar to the Netflix website. It demonstrates you virtual shelves – rows of movies and shows catalogized by genre, release date, or personal recommendations. Tap a cover on this shelf, and you’ll see the entire info on the video. The built-in player is quite basic, but it has all it takes to deliver a great video experience. As for playback smoothness, it depends on your connection quality and speed, but generally, it’s fine.

Key Functions 10/10

Netflix is for more than watching videos from time to time: it wants you to enjoy it constantly. Its library is enormous, with movies and series of all times and nearly all countries. As you watch more movies and series on Netflix, it learns your preferences and predicts what else you will enjoy. You can save videos to watch them later when offline, so it’s available in low coverage zones.

Plans Netflix offers vary from the basic (SD video, one stream only) to family-oriented (4 streams, up to 4K when available). You can create sub-profiles and get personalized recommendations for each of them. The prices differ, but not radically, so it makes sense to get the most out of Netflix.

Security 6/10

As there are no free accounts on Netflix, you have to provide your credit card details anyway. Hackers are always after such data, and there have been leaks reported. So you better follow the recommendation by Netflix, invent a safe password, and issue a special card for online payments. Otherwise, the service is as safe as your password is.


  • Reported hacker attacks
  • Some great shows and films are exclusive to other services


  • Great video library
  • Easy video player
  • Flexible plans with up to 4K video and up to 4 simultaneous streams
  • Caching video for offline watching
  • Compatible with various devices

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 6

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