Most Helpful Apps for Students

Can you imagine what life would be like without your cell phone? It would be so strange, especially now with the advancements in technology. The best part about having a cell phone is that you have the ability to download different apps. There are many different apps for students, but I will be discussing the three that I find most helpful.


The first app I want to mention is Evernote. There are many reasons why I find Evernote so helpful. First of all, the app is free and easy to use. It has the ability to create notes, organize them, and type in whatever you want. I find it useful for taking notes in class. I can type in my notes on my phone and then remember to go home and type them into my laptop.


The second app I want to mention is Wunderlist. I find Wunderlist to be very helpful because it allows me to organize my life in a way that is convenient for me. It is a free app that allows you to have a to do list, reminders, and share lists with others. You can also share your lists with others and they can edit them, which is really helpful when I have a list of tasks that I want to do with a friend.


The third app I want to mention is Pocket. I find Pocket to be so helpful because it allows me to save articles for later so I can read them without using all of my data or minutes. Pocket is a free app and it is really easy to use. I can save articles from my laptop. I can also save articles from my phone and then go home and read them on my laptop.

Student`s Helper 

There are many helpful apps for students, but the three I find most helpful are Evernote, Wunderlist, and Pocket. These apps are free and easy to use. They allow students to take notes in class, organize their lives, and save articles for later without using all of their data or minutes.